Our Story

The Danese family founded a wine business in the early fifties in the tiny town of Roncà, situated in Verona province in area of the Lessini Mountains National Park close to Soave DOC and Valpolicella DOC areas.

 It began as a traditional wine merchant business, selling the wines in bulk or in “damigiana”, which is a typical glass container that was used in many Mediterranean countries to transport wine, to the wholesalers or directly to local osterias  in the North of Italy.
In the 80s three cousins of the Danese family founded a new company Srl (ltd), one of the founders of the company was Mario Danese. In order to meet growing national and international demand of bottled wine The Danese family invested in the first production facility.

In the 90s after the fall of the Soviet Union, Cantina Danese Srl decided to start a business with Eastern European countries and heavily invested in a modern and fully-equipped bottling plant.

Since 1997 Cantina Danese Srl has been fully owned by Mario Danese (father) and Luca Danese (Mario’s son) who is the also the CEO of the company.
Cantina Danese Srl is constantly evolving to perfectly fit the  needs and wants of an ever changing global wine business environment. As a key part of this strategy we heavily invest in new product development. The modern winery houses all elements of the winemaking process – crushing, fermentation, bottling and commercial office.
 Annual production is about 12 mln bottles a year .
Cellar’s capacity: 60.000 hectolitres.
Cellar’s surface : 6562 sq.m
We possess a modern bottling line that is capable of packing 6,000 bottles per hour. This line is capable of filling both still and sparkling beverages including wine & RTD’s. A number of different bottle shapes and sizes (0.375 ml, 0.75 ml, 1 lt, 1.5 lt, 2 lt) as well as cork & screw-cap closures in 12 or 6 pack cartons  can be accommodated.
We have a fully fitted out laboratory on site for the purposes of micro and chemical testing. This ensures our wines meet our high standards consistently.
Cantina Danese Srl operates a state-of-art bottling facility that adheres to the highest of world Quality Assurance Standards - including ISO9001:2000, HACCP, International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Standard (BRC).
We combine these high standards with Lean Manufacturing principles and high-efficiency bottling lines including the integration of multiple robotic systems into the process.
Since 1950 the company has expanded from being a regional winemaker & distributor to having a presence on markets throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia.

Our passion for winemaking comes from our customers. We hope that when you open a bottle of Danese wine, you’ll appreciate the moment you’re enjoying it in as much as the wine itself. The entire Danese family is proud to be a part of your life; from a quiet moment with someone you love to a rousing group celebration.
We don’t produce elitist wines designed to impress critics and collectors. We produce wines that everyday people can drink every day. It is our goal to offer good value at any price point.

We never forget you have a choice. That’s why we all go extra mile in all that we do. We are proud of our reputation for our passionate people, great service and superior products, all driven by our “can do” attitude!