Private Label

Private label program:
   Cantina Danese Srl  is one of the leading private label producers in Italy. Private label wines are a growing trend in today’s competitive wine market. We provide retailers and importers  around the globe with private label wines.
   The advantage to working with Cantina Danese Srl is that we are the producer, not a middleman. Since we are specialists in contract bottling and private label production (60% of our total production), you benefit from our resources and technical expertise.
   We produce about 12 mln. bottles  a year that service our contract and private label programs. We have the depth of experience to produce large and small runs correctly, efficiently and on time.
   The needs of our diverse group of clients and the experience of our bottling crew allows us to be flexible and speedy, which permits us to label small runs for our private label shiner program.
At the same time, we are large enough to accommodate and expand with programs that undergo growth.

The program works one of two ways:
  1. You can select a label designed by our graphic designer. Currently we have an extensive portfolio of both modern and tradition wine labels.
  2. You can send us your own label
Packaging options:
While the label does have a major impact, there are other elements to consider when putting together your ideal package. There are choices for the colour of the foil to top off your new package, then  type of closure (stelvin, screw cap, natural cork, pressed cork, etc) , type of bottle, cartons…. All these parts come together to create the package and image you desire. From start to finish you can depend on our experienced staffs professional assistance and guidance.
 Please inquire about specific custom packaging requests.
With over 50 years in business we’ve earned an excellent reputation for our varied wine portfolio and our customers come back time & again.
We know that “high quality and consistency at an affordable price” is important to our customers, so we carefully select & produce each of our wines.
Quality is assured at every stage!